3 month whirlwind

I quit steroids 3 months on friday, so now i am technically 3 months and 2 days in. woo! To be honest i never though i would get here, and my skin looks good, if not a tad red. I am healing. I also received my genetic results back, and they were a little surprising (I will go into that later).

I just wanted to apologise for the last post.

The last week and a half, as been hell. I woke up on monday with my eyes and ears, oozing a weird substance. That pretty much was my breaking point, physically and mentally. I think half of it was down to a cold, the other half down to tsw. I went to the dr and cried. She wasn’t my normal dr, and she did not know what to do. She asked me if i would be willing to go to the hospital derm, i said not really. She then gave me the number to a private dermatologist, and said i should think about Immune-suppresants. To be honest, Immune suppressants scare the hell out of me. They are for transplant patient. I don’t feel i’m at that point yet. She signed me off for the week.

Out of desperation i went to an alternative practitioner. The brainfog was awful, i couldn’t think straight and i just couldn’t cope. He said i had ‘candida’ and put me on a range of herbal supplements and vitamin supplements. Which helped.

I then saw my regular dr on Thursday, and i was signed off until the following Thursday. He increased my antihistamines dosage. I felt better, but then i still had a problem with my mental clarity, headaches, tiredness etc.

I the received my DNA test they said:

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 17.10.47 Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 17.10.35

Now I’m not going to lie my knowledge in genetics isn’t that great.

I have 12 mutations (heterozygous, which i presume means that they need to be ‘switched on’ by environmental factors, and 2 homozyogus (which i presume are already ‘switched on:

This Detoxification anomaly, to my understanding, describes the brain fog, headaches etc. As  i can’t detox certain chemicals. I think.

CBS- A/A (meant to be G) – Add l-serine to homocysteine to produce l-cystathionine – High ammonia, high taurine etc

Now this one made me laugh.

GSTP1 – A/A (meant to be G) – Conjugation toxins to glutathione – People with AA show increase inflammation upon supplementing VITAMIN E.

So basically, i’m allergic to vitamin E…..

The rest of the mutations were quite scary, and if ‘switched on’ can mean, i will have trouble carrying a baby to full term. I also have the MTHR gene mutation, which is related to eczema. I also have neurotransmitter mutations which could mean my body doesn’t uptake dopamine and serotonin that well. Another mutation causes asthma and IBS, and frankly the list goes on.

I’m trying to just focus on the homozygous 2, as these will more likely be the root of my problem.

I took this to another new dr, and he didn’t quite get it, and talked about self-fulfilling phrophecy. I understand that epi-genetics is a pretty new field. I did the genetics test as i wanted answers, and in a way, i have them. My body attacks vitamin E, which makes my skin go crazy, my body can’t process lipids, my skin doesn’t replace it, as it should etc etc. It’s a bit overwhelming. I’m just sick of sleeping my life away. I hate having brain fog, which means i can’t think straight, (i couldnt tell you what 2+2 was). Apparently i need to do something about a Methyl pathway, but i don’t know. Right now, I’m taking it all step by step. I have no choice but to continue. At the end of the day we all have mutations. I’m just thankful that i don’t have a gene for something more serious.

What i also realised this week, was how amazing my support system is. I am truly lucky to have amazing friends and family :).

I guess sometimes you’ve got to count your blessings.

I’ve been down in the dumps lately, focused on my skin, and i forgot to have fun. I have ordered supplements, and if they don’t work, i will go back to my gp as soon as i can (who is on sick leave for a bit). At the end of the day, i am doing the best i can, and i am doing all i can. The sun will come out of the clouds




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