The Day the World Wept.

What happened in France was a despicable act of cowardice and hate disguised in a cloak of religion. It had nothing to do with the current migrant crisis, those of whom who are trying to escape acts like this, often leaving with just the clothes on the back. These acts are happening across the world, but the media is only reporting on the attacks that are close to home. Friday 13th November was a horrible day for humanity, there were terrorist attacks and earthquakes. The scary thing is, inidividually we can not stop these attacks from happening, but what we can do is accept those who are different, accept diversity, don’t laugh at those or berate those who are different.

Aside from the terrorist attacks we have a government who is selling out it’s citizens for capital and austerity; increasing tax, creating new taxes, taking financial support away from those who need it. ‘But we have a black hole’, you might say ‘Those are the people who refuse to work’, ‘the migrants are taking our jobs’  are the statements that I have heard, time and time again. Ultimately, if you help the poorest of the poor, they will grow, develop and eventually contribute to the economy, same with migrants, and yes there are statistics to support this. Yes there are going to be people who want to stay on benefits, but theses are few and far between. To me it is revolting that the government is choosing capital over the people who voted for them.

Wait it gets worse. Endangered species, Forest Fires, global warming, I could go on and on. At the minute, to me, it feels like the world is destroying itself for money and religion. The government and the big corporations, and the individual man is securing the world to it’s demise. In situations like these, there is one thing that you will always see, people helping, people being compassionate, people helping others. Empathy and compassion is at the heart of what humans are about. If we lose compassion, place a money (a man made idea) above others then this world has really gone to hell and we have lost who we are. If we are going to stop this demise, we are going to have to help others, show compassion, show love, and ultimately let the migrants in.

No i’m not perfect, but i’m going to accept others, appreciate difference, and help others. That’s the least we can do to secure our children’s futures.